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  1. Wallz55

    Added Fire Extinguiser

    I added a fire extinguisher to our xp5 using a plate and unistrut nuts
  2. Wallz55

    Steering wheel squeaks bad while turning

    They just sprayed the seal with wd-40 and told me if it starts again they will change the seal and make sure everything is greased. We took it on a 150 mile ride after that and no issues. We love the machine so far, but we loved the first 2 2seat ones too.
  3. Wallz55

    Good Ride last Saturday

    we put the extra gas in at around 120 miles. there is no way it would of made 200 miles
  4. Wallz55

    Good Ride last Saturday

    Went for a 150 mile ride last weekend. Explored an old open pit mine that had a burned up 4 door truck in the bottom of the pit. And came out of the mountains and could see the Phoenix mine that I work at south of Battle Mountain Nevada. It was a great day and the machine performed awesome.
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  13. Wallz55

    Guardian Angel

    Everything is getting better. My wife Still has a long road ahead but she was the one who talked me into another machine. So even after the brain injury she has she still wants to go out in the hills.
  14. Wallz55

    Guardian Angel

    We as some of you read that we rolled our 2 seat Northstar on November 25th and it put my wife in the hospital for a month and a half. Well my sister bought me a keepsake and it hangs from my rear view mirror of our new xp5 Northstar as a reminder to slow down.
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  16. Wallz55

    Whip mounts

    I just built these for our xp5. I had them turned in on our last one but I wanted them to clear the inside of the bed this time so I bought some spacers turned them around on this one.
  17. Wallz55

    XP5 Northstar Ceramic Tint

    Unique tint here in Winnemucca Quoted me $275 for normal tint and $475 for Ceramic tint for our xp5 non adv. i have an appointment to have the ceramic installed on the 16th.
  18. Wallz55

    Hello from Winnemucca Nevada

    I don't know I haven't been in an ADV to compare. I will have to hop in with my buddy next time we go for a ride.
  19. Wallz55

    Steering wheel squeaks bad while turning

    The squeek wasn't bad at first but after 70 miles it was pretty loud. And annoying. My first 2 machines didn't do it so something is diffe
  20. Wallz55

    Steering wheel squeaks bad while turning

    Well we see what the dealer says I dropped it off and they will look at it tomorrow. And found no taillights or brake lights also so hopefully have it back Wednesday
  21. Wallz55

    Steering wheel squeaks bad while turning

    We just bought our 3rd Xpedition and we took it out yesterday for an 70 mile ride the Steering wheel squeaks bad while turning either way. Has anybody had that issue?
  22. Wallz55

    Hello from Winnemucca Nevada

    Just picked the 3rd machine up yesterday and took it for a 70 mile trip today and went and checked out where we wrecked the last one. Even found a few more sockets from my tool kit that had flown out. I will say this one with the quiet clutch weights and having the engine 2 feet farther back...
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  24. Wallz55

    Hello from Winnemucca Nevada

    Yes, it's real. We started with 2019 General eps and traded it in on the heavy metal Xpedition. My wife went for a midnight drive up the mountain behind our house and coming home hit a washout with the right front tire and it took her off the edge and rolled a few times. It tossed our...
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  30. Wallz55

    Hello from Winnemucca Nevada

    Hi from Winnemucca Nevada we are waiting on our 3rd Xpedition 5 seat xp Northstar grey and blue. We had a grey and blue 2 seat ultimate that my wife rolled and totaled then we bought a green 2 seat Northstar that I wrecked and put my in the hospital for 3 days with a broken c6 in my neck...