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Door key question


Dec 1, 2023
Lake Havasu City AZ
Does anyone know if the console key is also used for the door locks. It goes into the door locks but does not turn. I don't want to break it off but either the key does not work for the door locks, or the door locks are to tight they won't turn.
Yes it does. When I had my door panels off to paint, I sprayed silicone spray in the locking mechanism and on the pin that slides when you lock and unlock the doors. Its directly under the door lock, you can't miss it. Also, the turn to lock and unlock is only a 1/4 turn so it doesn't have a lot of movement. All slide very easily now.
Thanks, I will try that. Interesting you say that they are the same as the dealer I bought it from said that the keys were different and that I had to have all the locks replaced with a new key, so the dealer ordered 4 new door locks 4 months ago which I have been waiting on. Seemed odd to me that the keys wouldn't work, which is why I asked the question.
Well after 6 months Polaris dealer called me and said my new door locks are in, so I am getting them installed finally this week. Well be nice to actually lock up the xP.