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Hello from Kelowna BC Canada!


Sep 27, 2023
Kelowna BC Canada
I was in the market for a fully enclosed side by side so I went to my local Polaris dealer today. They had just finished PDI a brand new 2024 XP 2 door. It was pretty much exactly what I wanted so I pulled the trigger. I’m getting a 72” plow with hydraulics installed and when that’s done it’s coming home.

Does anyone have a link to shops that have wrap kits? My local shop doesn’t want to touch it.

Also I was thinking about adding the covered rear cab to my dump box, if it’s possible! I would like to add two small seats in the dump box in the future for my small children.


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We’ve used Union Graphic Co multiple times and they do excellent work.

Just installed some Polaris wing mirrors and some KFi plow markers. The KFi markers are $17 Canadian compared to $70 for the Polaris ones. Super easy to install both items. First mods done lol


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We used APA gloss Miami Blue and 3M gloss bright orange. Installer had some issues with the silver paint peeling so he did a bit of sanding so the wrap held better. So far it look great and is holding up!


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Thats interesting with the factory paint peeling. Did he have to sand through it to get the grip needed for the wrap to stick or just scuff it? Either way, it came out looking great.
The wrap wouldn’t stick to the factory paint on the door and peeled back. Once it peeled back some paint came with it. We decided it would be best to sand away the paint to make the wrap seal the best. So far no more issues!
Is this your first SxS?
Keep a eye on these guys.
I have their back rack on my ranger and love it.
Congrats on the wicked machine. View attachment 704
I LIKE IT! Just doesn't snow where I live, well not enough to justify it...lol

Just started to install the Terick sound damping insulation. So far it’s pretty easy to work with. A heat gun helps make it sticky and easier to work with. I hope this helps bring down the noise levels inside the cab.
Ok I got some time to work more on the sound deadening material, I finished the firewall, floors, and outside rear firewall. Also installed the terick floor mats and carpet kit. The noise level is definitely lower with the sound deadening and quiet clutch kit. I would like it to be quieter so hoping an exhaust company makes a quality product that reduces the sound even more than what’s on the market. It’s a huge improvement but I want more…


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I still have three sheets of deadening material left so I might do the doors or the roof, not sure what would be best. Might also get a thick bed mat, any recommendations?


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I just trimmed up a piece of 3/4” barn material just like another member did. Fits great and hopefully helps a bit with the noise. Use brand new blades when trimming helps tremendously!


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