25 hr service adv 2 seater


Jun 20, 2023
Grand Rapids MN
First service on adv. Had two rangers previously and was similar for the gear box’s. Getting to the oil filter was difficult. Tried from the passenger side and couldn't reach it like the video showed. Manual said to remove plastic belly pan witch I had to do anyway after dropping the wrench into the pan trying from the oil fill access. The filter was really screwed on tight. Finally got loose from the underside and replaced. I have ordered a filter wrench with a bolt head on the end so can remove from the oil fill access. With a swivel boxed in wrench should be able to easily get to it from the top next time. Had the regular Polaris wrench that used a 3/8 extension and swivel but couldn’t make work Most of the issue was how tight it was screwed on. There is also a grease fitting on the axle going to the front differential That needed to roll machine forward until it was pointing down in the underside access hole.
Removing the right rear tire is a little more work but made getting to the oil filter a lot easier going in from the side. I was able to remove the oil filter by hand even tho it was really tight.
Thanks for the advice on removing the tire to gain more room to get to the filter. Also noticed that on the dipstick after 2 1/2 qts registers just below the bottom mark and not in between the marks. Noticed this before oil change also.
I ended up taking out some of the twist out of the dip stick until it read properly. I also drilled a one inch hole in the bottom of the plastic underside so the dirt will clean out when washing On both sides just in front of the rear tires. There were drain holes everywhere but there. Should be easier to wash out that area now.


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I think the oil filter seal is put on dry at the factory, hence why they are so tight the first time getting them off. I found the oil change to be a pia vs my Ranger Northstar. Interesting that on my ADV2 there is a hole in the underbelly to remove the engine oil drain plug, yet you have to remove the underbelly to remove the oil filter. Makes no sense.