37” tires


Sep 27, 2023
Kelowna BC Canada
Anyone running 37” tires? I have seen a few pictures on social media with people running 37’s and it looks wild. I have also just watched Mud Madness on Discovery and I have tire envy lol. Let’s make a post dedicated to the big tires!
I would think 37" tires would be way too much tire on your Xpedition? You would lose so much power (improper gearing) and probably your ability to turn left or right without tires rubbing. I was thinking maybe 32" someday, but the stick 30's work great on my 2 dr! Good luck with 37's and enjoy your X 👍🏼
I just did 32's on the stock suspension. BFG KM3's. Anything is possible if you throw enough $ at it but I don't think you're getting that setup without some mods to the suspension and Wheel offsets. Then you get to spend a little $ on power upgrades. That would be one bad ass machine.