Added Fire Extinguiser


Dec 1, 2023
Lake Havasu City AZ
Took out the back seat cup holders and added a fire extinguiser using the screws that held the cup holders. I didn't think back seat riders where going to put their drinks in them on a ride but felt the FX had more value. Bought the FX holder on Amazon. Had to buy one that almost matched up with the holes so I only needed to enlarge the holders holes a little to match the screws holding the cup holders.


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I bought on Amazon this one.

RERPRO Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Mount Brackets Holder for Jeep Wrangler UTV Polaris RZR Ranger Ford Bronco Truck Aluminum Adjustable Roll Bar Fire Extinguisher Mount Bottle Holder Kit

However I had to drill the existing holes in the mount a little bit larger to line up with the cup holder holes. Once I did that I could use the existing screws on either end to fit the mount.