Bomber Girl - Rides and Places


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Jul 25, 2023
Payette Idaho
I have had fun with buggies up till now, beat to shit in an pioneer, mass fun building an older razor with full custom cage, and an amazing General. I think I have had the most fun with Bomber Girl. Here are my Places and Friends.
This was the event I took her out to first... my best buddies have a shop In Letha ID . FROADN FAB... this is their yearly event. It is like sturges with SXS. If you get a chance to go you need to put it on your list of rides. 250 buggies of fun, action, people, prizes, food drinking, eating, camping, FUN
It was a Fox Hunt. You get a map at check in T-shirt take off and find all the shit you can and take picks then return. You get xtra raffle tickets for each pick. To put in for the most badass prizes.
I found out when I got there that on the list of stuff to find was a list of xtra shit to find.. You would get xtra tickets for raffle as I was rolling off the trailer people were taking selfies. I’m thinking. YAY 😃 ... on the list was find an XPEDITION
My best buddy who did the prototype rack came out with his lady later in the day. We did a ride before the night ride together and had fun.