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Oct 26, 2023
Morning everyone!

I'm Chad, I live in a little town just outside Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

I own and run with my best friend, Travis. And the business is based out of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, I work out of my home more often than not!

Full disclosure, I do NOT own an Xpedition!

I DO own a Ranger Crew! Actually that Ranger Crew is what started this whole mess a little over a year ago. If you go to our website, my Ranger is the white crew all over. The ongoing joke is that we started selling window tint kits on Amazon so that I could get a photo of my Ranger on Amazon.

We came out with our Xpedition ADV/XP patterns about two months ago, but have only been officially for sale for the past month, so far they've been selling really well and I've gotten a ton of feedback on them. Actually on my list of things to do today is edit together our install videos for Xpedition XPs that we shot last weekend.

Other than that, with taking off like it has, I'm sort of always in front of a computer, or not far away from that. And I live and die by my phone, so feel free to ask away, and I look forward to helping out here where I can!
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