Door locks, I feel stupid, what am I missing?

Dec 3, 2023
Hey guys. Took my dog for a ride and walk, thought I’d lock the cab doors just because I have the option. Assuming you lock the doors from the outside I went to lock them. The key turns 45 degrees either way and will not lock the door handle (as appears is the mecanism). No amount of jiggling, shifting key in or out a little, putting pressure on the door handle or lock area will make it engage. Keys work on the rear window locks just fine. I feel a little stupid, am I missing something, seems too simple to be missing something but I’d like to be able to lock my doors and there isn’t anything in the manual. Thanks


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If it's like mine the key locks are difficult to engage. You have to force the key where the first few times you think it is going to break off in the lock. Mine seemed to have loosened up now.
Worked! I took a pliers and forced it. It went just before I figured the key would break. Cycled it 50 times each way and now I can make it go with my hands. Thanks for the tip!
Open the door and find the door lock hole on the inside of the door. Use a flashlight & spray penetrating oil on the spring and rod that goes through the shaft on the lock mechanism. With the door open, put the key in the lock & turn counterclockwise to lock. Clockwise to unlock. Thanks to my genius husband, this did the trick for mine. You can lock the door before shutting also.


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