Extra Bolts everywhere Poor QC


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Dec 15, 2023
My machine has 12 miles. Bought it yesterday.

Got underneath it when I got home from the dealership and found a carriage bolt stuck between the oil drain plug and skid plate. There was also an extra bolt in my cup holder, it was an interior bolt, but I couldn't find one missing.

This afternoon I decided to tackle the noise problem and take a look behind my rear seats and I'll let the two videos explain.... Also, I hope posting a link is allowed. Apparently my vids were too large to upload.



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For the amount of money we pay for these things that should be uncalled for. Makes me think what quality of craftsmanship on final assembly workers they have. Nice videos buy the way. Plan on doing the same on the back and the flooring with Dynamat, Dynacore and Dynadeck. Yes they are expensive but been doing it for years and known by classic car owners. Wish you the best!=