New xPedition Mats


Dec 3, 2023
Southern Maryland
Just found this in a google search. Not sure if anyone else posted.. The look pretty good..

I bought these for my xp5. As easy of an install as you can imagine with it being floor mats. They do cover almost the entire floor, and they do look good. I don’t know if it cuts down on sound or dust yet as I’ve not been on a ride. I will try to update once I’ve used them.
Did you get the bolt ins?
Only the rear bolt ins. I opted to get the ones that covered the drains as there seems to be a lot of noise and dust that come from those 4 locations in the cab.

The rear set came with two spacers and 6-8 washers total. Super easy and should help keep it from sliding around.
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I replaced the factory caps with a solid set from ETSY. Look for solid General drain caps. They work really well, quiet it down and stop the water and dust from coming in. That said, the water still seems to drain quickly when you hit the deep stuff.