New xpedition owner


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Apr 13, 2024
southern Illinois
Hello, just picked up new XP 5 ultimate a few weeks ago. Currently in the “break in “ phase on belt. Traded in my gently used 2017 single cab ranger 900. So far I love this thing , it’s an absolute beast compared to my old ranger. I’m here to learn about this rig , accessories, capabilities, etc. thanks.


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Thank you sir for the welcome. As a complete newbie xpedition owner i think am most curious as to what accessories do yall feel are most important to start with on a fully stock rig like mine? Thanks again
Welcome to the forum! There are a ton of great accessories for the Xpedition so it really depends on how you plan to use your machine. You will find lots of good topics on this discussion as you browse this site.
Howdy and welcome to the forum 👋

Some of the things I never ride without them in my Xpedition are, spare belt, basic tool kit, tire inflator and plug kit.

As for machine accessories, a lot of that depends on how and where you ride. A light bar is really good for night rides. Mirrors were pretty much a must for me. And then there’s adding storage or coolers. I went with Milwaukee Packout for versatility and not needing to strap them down.