Rear speakers


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Aug 25, 2023
I turned my fader all the way to the rear speakers and they are very low, can barely hear anything from them. Is that just the way they are or do I have an issue?

Also my auto stop feature on my winch is not auto stopping. Any ideas?

And yes it is brand new but closest dealer is 200 miles away and I don’t want to have to drag it up there leave it for who knows how long and then drive up there to get it back. Thanks
I don't think the fade works. Was a issue on the rangers too.

As for the auto stop, make sure the wire is plugged in at the fairlead
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Fade and balance work just fine on my XP 5. The rear is slightly quieter than the front but that’s because of the tweeters on top of the dash in addition to the main speakers underneath it.