Rear winch


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Jun 16, 2023
I saw Wade Superhand Glovier post (from one of the FB groups) on the Wild Boar Ranger rear bumper and another poster, who's name I forgot. So about 2 months ago I ordered the bumper and a 6k winch from SATV. I planned on re-enforcing the bumper and mounting the winch there. I finally got my Xped back from the dealer after two months. I went to install the winch and realized that Wade has the ADV model. I can't use the bumper on the XP5 or the bed won't dump. So I found a different way to utilize my SATV 6k winch. I made a bracket where I can attach it to the rear receiver if needed. I can also use a shackle and short chain and pull from either side if needed.
If there isn't a tree or rock to attach to I carry 6 large spikes made out of rebar. I can drive them in the ground and pull from them. Then after freeing myself I can use the winch cable to pull them from the ground (by pulling straight up).

I carry the winch in a Dewalt tool bag under the seat and the contactor and cables in another bag.. I got the aux battery terminal kit from Amazon. I chose this one because it came with the cables. They weren't the same guage wire as the winch wire, so I cut each one in half and doubled them up to increase the current capacity. I didn't like how it looked with the wires showing so I made a little plastic cover. I will also use the aux battery terminals for jump starting the Xped and for powering my air compressor
On the set that I bought I don't think the threaded part was long enough. I did see a post somewhere that someone mounted them directly into the plastic but I assume they were different.