Rhino Rack tie down option


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Dec 3, 2023
Buckhannon, WV
Don't want to spend $50 on 4 Polaris tie downs??....here's an option that I made 4 of for $18. Get a 3/8" eye bolt from a hardware store (stainless if you can find it) with a 1 1/4" shaft, stainless 3/8" flare nut, stainless washer, fender washer and rubber washer. The top nit needs to go up as far as possible. You have to get the flare nut and the 3/8 regular washer down inside the Rhino Rack. Make sure the shaft of the eye bolt is flush with the flare nut (you can use a regular nut but a flare nut adds a little bite). It's tricky to get the flare nut and 3/8" washer inside the rack with the rubber and fender washer on....but it can be done. When you have it placed where you want, tighten the regular 3/8" nut down from the top to secure your new tie down!


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Definitely a much nicer option than I came up with 🤣. Thanks for the link!!....I'll likely change out my option with these.