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Dec 30, 2023
Hoping to find a way to load my 2dr ADV Northstar into my 1-ton dually bed. (Would like to pull a boat on trailer)
Trying to make minimum use of racking and maintain as low a Center of Gravity as possible.
Seen YouTube videos of the cab-over racks, no way!! Absolute worst case I'd settle for may be a flat "deck" just above the bed rails, but hoping to do better.

At this time it appears the limiting factor of "shoehorning" the Xped into my truck bed is the 60" width of the tailgate opening.
I know the (Polaris) advertised Width is 64", not sure where that measurement is taken. I'm hoping the 64" width is at the outer buldges of the tires.
As soon as I get my Xped home I'll measure the overall distance between the outer edges of the wheel (lug) studs. If they appear to be less than 60" I'll likely modify (4) old dually wheels to be used for loading. The dually wheels have an offset that would push the wheel entirely back under the body and hopefully reduce the loading width to below 60" (subject to making sure all would be clear within the wheel I.D.). I'm kinda scheming to use the dually wheels naked, or modify them so I could design a ramp & track that would center the Xped side to side within the truck bed. Winching of the Xped into the bed would be a must, not yet sure how to do a controlled unload...🙄

Also, where are you tying these things down when trailering? I can see the chain holes on the receiver hitch as being a good safe point at the rear.
Not so sure about the front. The one time I had mine on a trailer I used rachet straps around the tubes that run from the lower radiator core support up to the firewall, sure didn't feel warm and fuzzy about getting that close to the A/C line on the passenger side by radiator.

If any one has any suggestion please share, I value opinions.

No one of us is as smart as all of us.
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Lots of guys make plywood wheels when they want to fit it in a toy hauler. Only way to get narrower than that is to strap the suspension.
I believe you hit the nail on the head JohnDeereFarmer. I was thinking maybe some (wheels) disks plasma cut out of maybe 1/2" steel w/ bolt pattern machined. Heading out now to pick up the Xped. It appears the distance across the outside of the wheel (lug) studs is going to make or break a couple of possible concepts. Thank you for your input, good guys on this forum with neat toys.
I use the bar just under the winch to hook the ratchet straps too, to tie down the front.
Howdy eboynton, I'm heading out to grab the Xped form the dealer. Went back to Polaris website to interrogate the 3D model of the Xped and found the features you mentioned. Kind thanks, this is going to be one heck of a science project trying to shoehorn into a truck bed.....