Bomber Girl

Bro you got issues. I know you have issues because I have the same issues 😆

I have no less than 20 hunting packs/bags, but only use one.
More shit with MOLLE than I could ever hang anywhere.
Ruck sacks out the wazoo (small and large)
More ammo cans than I can count (but they're full so that one makes sense).

I did buy two of the Bauer boxes and they're pretty nice for HF and perfect for what I need them for, so thanks for the heads up on that one. I've come to the conclusion you can never have too much of anything.
Here she is....
Edge performance asked me to do a video shoot to put on their site. Well of course I said yes. This was the day before my first ride out. Pick Friday dirty girls Saturday. Here are before after of the build. Only 17 miles on her here
Congrats on a very nice looking rig!! Give my condolences to your buddy on body work unreal… Enjoy the head turners! Lol
This ride was a fox hunt / scavenger hunt 220 plus rides looking for the same shit on the map. It was a blast. The crazy part was when I got there mass amt of people were taking pics of my ride as she came off the trailer.. I found out that bonus tickets received from the scavenger was finding an xpedition. Take a selfie ... where ever I went people were taking pics of my ride..
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During the event I did meet one other xpedition we talked laughed about the day , and all the attention we got from the picture taking. We talked about the trails, and our xpedition
through the ride. We exchanged numbers.
I had bought a pair of theses corner pages fore My general and didn’t really like them. They work great here. I had also got a pair of smaller ones that fit great up top.. The gray bag is full of tools. I did the same on other side of the rack
Box whore back in action. I was at COSTCO. And I saw these. I could not just buy one. I was hoping they would fit behind the seats.