XP5 NS Michigan


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Nov 12, 2023
I'm a newcomer to this forum and on the verge of becoming a proud owner of an XP5 NS SXS. While I plan to finalize the financial paperwork this week, after reading some concerns about issues like noise, heat, and driveshafts associated with the XP5, I'm hesitant about committing to it. I'm considering sticking to my original purchase of a General 1000 4 or a RZR instead.
I reside in lower Michigan, and I envision the SXS as a way for my family to venture out and enjoy the "Water Winter Wonderland" our region offers.
I appreciate the warm welcome. I'm eager to hear your insights and engage in more in-depth discussions within this community.
Welcome to the forum! I would say that the Xpedition is going to be the best/most comfortable winter SXS you could get. You could try putting a cab, heater, etc on a General, but it's not really going to compare to the Xpedition. Just my 2 cents. I'm sure some others here will chime in who have more experience riding in your area and their experiences with other machines.
I won’t try to sell you an Xpedition but I sure love mine. I am in Iowa so an hvac cab in winter was non negotiable. Came from a Northstar ranger and wanted more performance than the ranger offers. The Xpedition suspension, seats, cab fit and finish, and power make for an outstanding machine.

My advice - none of these machines are perfect. The xp has its flaws or annoyances but so do the rzr and general you mention. A new rzr will have the same motor and no cab - pretty sure noise will be an even bigger issue. Do a Google search - people have been messing with driveshaft vibration/balancing/straightening on the rzr and general for years. Mine doesn’t seem to have an issue but some apparently do. Who knows.

If you don’t go into it expecting that it will run down the road like your Silverado, I think you’ll love it. An Xpedition on tracks would be a bad mofo- pretty sure you could justify it up there!
Dragon and Badxp, You two put so many great words and advive on this site. I have both a General now (1 year old, and my X..) both great rides . Damn the heaters are over the top. Cooling down now. But well not for me . The X is such an amazing ride you will not be disappointed with one . As for a boss lady side kick riding best friend wife. I know mine this last weekend was sure happy.
Welcome to the forum.

For what my 2 bits are worth, I came from a General 4 to the Xpedition and with 958 miles so far on it, I’m still blown away by how comfortable and smooth riding the Xpedition is compared to the General. And that’s even considering I had $6k into the suspension on the General and the suspension is stock on the Xpedition.
Even though they’re both the same width, the Xpedition feels much roomier and there’s definitely more bed capacity.
Then there’s the Northstar option for the Xpedition. Best you can do on the general is canvas uppers or aftermarket doors and heater.
There have been some issues here and there, but I haven’t heard of anything major as of yet, and it sounds like dealerships are taking care of people who have had warrantable issues reasonably well.

For me, it was more than worth the upgrade.