You ordered an Xpedition to replace...?


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Jun 7, 2023
Playing in the mud
Don't know if this is off topic, but figured I'd give the forum some life with some off topic discussion while we eagerly await for some Xpedition forward progress. First, congrats to all who took the plunge. I for one am looking forward to seeing some big smiles and muddy pictures as machines start getting delivered. So for the sake of conversation, what's your current ride? Mine is a 2004 Sportsman 500HO. Yes' it's been that long since I took a plunge. That Sportsman owes me nothing and has been a reliable machine that I ran through the gauntlet. I still use it just about every day for one thing or another and I'll never get rid of it. Currently it's hauling my Stihl's as I cut new trails and widen existing ones for the new machine.

So what's your current ride?
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We have a 118HP Gilomen -tuned 2019 Northstar with Ride Command, Elka Stage 5 shocks on 29" tires and 14" wheels. So the HP will be about the same. The ride, I suspect will be better for the trails and ground clearance should be similar to what we currently have. A better ride on the trails and keeping our gear inside was what primarily led me to a decision to buy the Xpedition.


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So far everyone seems to be Polaris owners upgrading to the lastest and greatest. I'm interested to see if the Xpedition converts any Can-Am, Kawasaki, Yamaha or Honda owners.
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2017 Polaris General 2 door with full cab and heater. Moving to a 4 door Northstar for the HVAC, added width and wheelbase as our two seater is way too tippy and the glass windows in the doors suck
I think Polaris has been much more forward thinking than all of the other SXS/UTV makers including the Japanese builders. I follow the RZR, ATV (Sportsman), and Ranger forums… primarily because I intended to purchase one those before I finally ordered the Xpedition. Polaris is slowly improving their off-road product line little by little. A lot of improvements from the Pro R, 2024 RZR XP, Trail and Trail S, are in our Xpedition. Ride Command is huge. IMO Polaris SXS interiors are much nicer than Can-Am and Honda. We’ll all admit Polaris is not perfect and the Japanese machines generally have better built-in reliability, Polaris has been addressing customer pain points. I’m curious to find out, if in the Polaris Xpedition, Polaris has addressed the engine heat in the cab, noise from the engine and clutch, and increased legroom… that’s my short list.
I'm replacing my 2019 Ranger Northstar with the Expedition Northstar. I'm looking forward to regular opening doors instead of the suicide doors, much more comfortable seating, and a much better suspension system. I am concerned about interior noise, hopefully it won't be too bad. I'm expecting a lot from this ride, it wasn't cheap by any means!
This will be my first Polaris, bought a Can Am Commander XMR last year, and have had a couple of Honda pioneers SXS in the past. I'm really looking forward to riding around dust free...

By the way, anyone out there looking for a clean low hour/mile Can Am Commander let me know... Probably wrong place for this.. HAHA:p.

Seriously, very excited to put many miles on my ADV2!