Battery recommendations


Aug 12, 2023
Well I was curious about what other batteries to use in the expedition like agm , lithium etc. so I send email to Polaris, and this is what I got back.
Thank you for contacting Polaris Inc.

Unfortunately Polaris is only able to recommend the usage of the stock OEM battery for the 2024 Polaris Xpedition. We are only able to recommend items that have been tested and verified for your specific vehicle by authorized Polaris engineers. If you could please reach out to your local Polaris dealership as they will be able to assist you further as we provide our dealerships with the technical staff and support for questions like this.

If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know.

Thank you!

Tim, Representative PG&A Customer Connections
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I dont like lithium characteristics for a sxs unless its a dual battery setup and even then I personally wouldnt do it. I dont see why this sxs is any different than the rest though. Quality AGM always wins on these machines.
I would have thought that Polaris would say ok to agm batteries but only lead ass batteries.
They'll also tell you that only polaris engine oil works in these machines. And that 30" tires are the largest you can run. And so on.
Me, I'll run the lead acid for 14 to 16 months then swap out for odyssey AGM
The owners manual recommends an AGM battery charger. Weird.

If you do not drive the vehicle for more than TWO WEEKS, Polaris recommends using a BatteryMINDer® 2012 AGM - 2 AMP charger, which can be ordered through your dealer.
I looked the other day and its a lead acid battery- part #Battery, Flooded, Filled, 575 CCA, Part 4014132-P all expeditions come from factory like this.
Well this is strange. I went by the owners manual recommending to use an agm charger. I just checked my owners manual and there is no battery model info. Why they would recommend an agm charger for a flooded wet cell battery is beyond me. Are you saying you pulled the driver's seat and inspected the battery and it was flooded with removable caps?
This is from the Polaris site, from parts for the expedition, I also confirmed by looking in the battery compartment .
This is from the Polaris site, from parts for the expedition, I also confirmed by looking in the battery compartment .
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Just gets more interesting. I saw that parts diagram and found it was from a Razer, at least that's the way it came up even though my Xpedition was listed. It was copyrighted 2022, another indicator its not for our machines. But your pic definitely proves we have flooded wet cell batteries and they want us to charge them with an agm charger. Wonder why??