Hello from southern utah


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Sep 20, 2023
southern utah
Hello from southern utah. i've been trying to find a forum on my new machine. i picked up a xpedition xp5 northstar, i've only put about 100 miles on it so far. I've been a polaris supporter my whole life, i currently have a 2020 pro xp, 2016 polaris razor trail 900, and multiple polaris snowmobiles. I've had pretty much all the razors since 08, two seat, 4 seats, 800's, 900's and 1000's, a couple rangers and the latest 2022 ranger northstar i traded in for the xpedition with no regrets so far. I look forward to taking the xpedition on all different types of terrain from deserts to mountains (mostly mountains)..
Welcome to the forum @wildeman70 🍻

With all of your Polaris experience, we will be anxious to hear your thoughts on the Xpedition after you get some more seat time with it.