Hi from the mountains of NC


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Nov 3, 2023
I am the current owner of a '18 General Ride Command that the wife and I love. Street legal here, and we do trails in VA, WV, KY and TN.
Two sets of wheels and tires for the trails and pavement.

Tomorrow we are going to look at a orange ADV2 Northstar to see what we think of it. Other than than the price, the one thing that concerns me is the lower gear compared to my general. I regularly ride the 2 lanes here and from the videos I see the Xpedition runs as much as 1000 rpms higher.

I have 30" tires on the general and if I do get a Xpedition I would want to go to at least 32's.
Here is the Xpedition we plan to look at.


My General.

Welcome to the forum! There are lots of good threads here about the cabin noise and what you can do to the Xpedition if you feel like you would like to cut down on the noise. Ultimately, having an enclosed cabin is definitely going to make the noise more noticeable than other open-air UTVs.
I went from a 2019 Ranger NS RC to the ADV2 NS and extremely happy with the change. We use ours almost exclusively on the Hatfield McCoy trail system in WV. A lot of people complain about the additional noise in the cab, but while it is loud, we tolerate it just fine on the trails. We've added a lot of accessories, have another set of 32" Carnivores for the trails and have a Gilomen performance tune and clutch kit. If you ride mostly on pavement, you may not like the gearing and noise. But that can all be changed. It wouldn't keep me from buying the Xpedition. I think it's definitely a step up from the Ranger and General in ride and comfort.


Agree with MP. For us the lower rpm trail riding noise has been a non issue and the performance blows away the prior 2021 Ranger Northstar. On road we throw on Cardo Packtalk Edge headsets and noise becomes non issue - have coms and music across all the headsets. For our style of riding we don’t need radios and can still talk vehicle to vehicle when family is riding as a group and we aren’t all in the Xpedition.
Thanks everyone. Looking forward to tomorrow morning. I hope to be able to get a sound reading and record rpms to compare.

I am familiar with adding heat shield and carpet in my General so I plan to do that and buy 32" tires.