Rzr owner, looking to possibly move to an xpedition


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Apr 24, 2024
Owner of a rzr of some sort since 2012. Currently own a lightly modified 22 highlifter and have been considering a northstar edition xp two seater. Joined here so I can learn as much as possible before pulling the trigger on one.

I too have been in a rzr since '12 ... I got a ADV5 Northstar ... it's a totally different ride. It has Rzr seats and a rzr motor but rides more like a slower car than a ranger or general. That being said I'm from the Houston area... so we mud ride alot ... I've got portals, control arms, axles, balljoints exhaust, wheels and tires, clutch kit and tune ordered. Should be under construction by the end of next week .... If you get a Northstar it's got everything you need to be very comfortable. Some people are irritated with the noise level. I really think they forgot it's an off road "toy"... lol. I will be posting pics of the build as it goes. If you decide to get one you will enjoy it ...


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Looking at a two seat xp North star edition, but alot has to happen before I can actually buy one. Wife and I are just getting tired of dealing with the elements . We trail ride, but some get pretty rugged. I need to sell the rzr first and possibly a few other things first. These things aren't cheap, lol.
Had a RZR XP4 Turbo, got tired of eating the dust here in the desert, so went to a XP5 Northstar and love it. Bit noisy but I improved that by adding noise reducing material both at the firewall and back seat area, which improved it. Just added some neat lights. Would not go back to a RZR since most are trail rides in the dust.


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Yes sir they are ... I will post pics on the parts as they arrive and as I am building LiL nEnE... that's her name. .... lmao
Having an Adv 2 Northstar I sorta wish I had went with XP5 Northstar . A lot of things would have been easier. I added Force turbo and Gilomen clutch kit specifically for turbo . I spent $900 on noise control which dropped 10 decibels of noise . Shocks are questionable with stock springs. I will be upgrading to SDI E Clicks when available. I still have Pro Xp with a number of modes . If I hadn’t put turbo on I would have sent Xpedition down the road . This is my opinion take it for what opinions are worth .