New Polaris Xpedition Purchase Ends With An Unfortunate Wreck Before Even Leaving The Dealership!


Staff member
May 16, 2023

In a shocking turn of events, what should have been an exciting day for a member of turned into a chaotic ordeal when a newly purchased Xpedition XP was unexpectedly plowed into just moments after purchasing at the dealership. The incident, witnessed by a crowd of onlookers and captured on camera, resulted in a series of surprising developments that left everyone involved astounded.

The incident unfolded when NKYHUNTER, had just finalized the paperwork for a new two-seat Polaris Xpedition XP. Eager to enjoy their new purchase, NKYHUNTER took a seat in the vehicle and had a salesperson explain its features. However, their excitement was short-lived when an unexpected collision occurred, leaving the new vehicle totaled!

What should have been a clear-cut case of a blatant accident took an unexpected twist when the driver responsible for the collision initially denied any wrongdoing. Despite multiple witnesses, including dealership staff and bystanders, confirming the events, the driver tried to evade responsibility. However, under the scrutiny of several witnesses, the driver soon changed their story, admitting their involvement in the accident.

In a bizarre and fortunate twist, it was noted that the collision, though damaging, did not result in any serious injuries. A potential disaster was narrowly averted as the vehicle narrowly missed the salesperson's leg, dodging a potentially life-altering situation.

Following the incident, the dealership took swift action to resolve the situation. They promptly contacted local law enforcement to report the incident and took ownership of the damaged Polaris. In an unexpected move, the dealership even tore up the paperwork associated with the purchase, showing their commitment to customer satisfaction and ensuring that the new owner did not bear the brunt of the unfortunate events.

In a positive turn of events, the dealership decided to mend the situation by ordering a replacement vehicle for NKYHUNTER. While the incident had undoubtedly cast a shadow over the initial purchase, the dealership's response showcased its dedication to customer service and loyalty.

As the situation unfolded, NKYHUNTER's friend, who had accompanied them on this eventful day, took the opportunity to make a purchase of their own. Opting for two Honda Groms, they added an unexpected layer of positivity to the otherwise tumultuous experience.

As NKYHUNTER and their friend set out on the road once again, the incident served as a reminder that even the most anticipated events can take unexpected turns. It also highlighted the importance of a dealership's commitment to customer satisfaction and safety.

On a day that started with excitement and the thrill of a new vehicle purchase, NKYHUNTER and their friend embarked on their journey home with a story that would undoubtedly be retold for years to come – an extraordinary day that began with the screech of bent metal and ended with the hum of new engines.

Man, that's such a crazy story. So glad the dealership did the right thing, that would have been a real bummer otherwise!