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Storage space in spare tire assembly


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Jun 3, 2024
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Taking advantage of the space within the spare tire rim to store what is need to change a tire. My air compressor too. Will be working on rubber mounting the cross wrench, for now a couple socks and a bungee to keep it quiet and in place. This is the lock and ride Polaris spare tire mount in the back of a ADV 5 Northstar.


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That's a good idea. Thx. BTW, I found that I like my spare tire on the driver's side instead of the passenger side because it allows me to see more. I can't see out the driver's side rear window anyway. But with the spare tire there, I can adjust my interior rearview window to see out the back and out the right side rear window (blind spot) all at the same time. Just a thought...
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Yes, also considered doing that for the same reasons. Was also thinking this does a better job of balancing out the weight but I am still thinking about what you’re saying.
Currently I’m working on a M1 Rugged Radios installation that’s different than what they did. Stay tuned.