Jul 11, 2023
Trailer size? What size trailer do you need for the xp5? Curious if it’ll squeeze onto a 12 foot trailer or not? I have a hd deckover one I use but might want something smaller in the future
I bought the Black Rhino Low Pro Series, 14' dual axle aluminum trailer so that I could keep the unit on the trailer and store it in my garage (i.e. had to be less than 93" tall total). I think a 12' trailer would be difficult to get good strap connection points for trailering, because the Xpedition has the tires so much out on the corners. You would almost have to strap the front of the Xpedition rearward and the back end strapped forward to get good leverage. With a 14' trailer, I am able to strap the rear hitch on the unit to some d-rings installed in the trailer deck that are inset from the sides and get a 45-degree angle. On the front of the Xpedition, I attach to recovery shackles on the front bumper and attached to hooks in the front rail of the trailer. The other thing about going with at least a 14' trailer is that you can position the Xpedition front-to-back where you can get the tongue weight perfect for towing. With a 12' trailer, you would use every bit of the trailer bed and wouldn't have any ability to modify the tongue weight.


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I've got an Aluma model 8214HS TILT 14' tilt trailer that is a single axle that's rated for 5200 lbs. It's more expensive to purchase than many other trailers, but I wanted to stick with single axle and I like the tilt. There is plenty of room on the 14' length, even with my snow plow mounted.
The trailer isn't all that heavy, especially compared to a steel trailer. I prefer aluminum and a single axle for maintenance reasons. No rust. No paint chipping. Only two tires to maintain or replace.
When I considered what I paid for the ADV Northstar, I figured the trailer was a bargain for what I got.
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