XP5 Roof


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Sep 5, 2023
My rear roof panel has a bow in from the top since new. Looks like all machines have it based on pictures I’ve seen. Didn’t love it but hasn’t been an issue until now. Machine sat outside for a few hours in the rain yesterday. Enough for a lot of water to evidently pool on the rear roof section. Started and threw it in reverse and water poured into cab through roof seam.
Mine had it also when new, i had it replaced once and the new one is the same way. I'd like to see if it's just a defect from being stacked up in production or what. i'll have to get this one replaced also i guess.
Same issue here. My dealer is replacing the center roof of my ADV 5. Hopefully the new one will be straight.
Let us know. I plan on contacting mine as well but believe the lack of cross support to be the main culprit so unfortunately I don’t expect a different result. I lived with it but now it is no longer an aesthetic issue.
Mine was warped. They replaced it and still warped. Polaris says to have the dealer order another. I seriously doubt they changed the mold so I left mine alone. If it leaks again with all of the new seals they sent me I will just fill it full of silicone caulk. Too much trouble to remove the roof rack and headliner to replace it again
Just got mine back from the dealer. They were supposed to replace mine. Went to pick it up and they said they didn’t put the new roof on because it was “normal.” I was not happy. Apparently they have a bad mold because they are all like that. They said the new one they ordered for me was the same way. Hopefully this gets resolved by Polaris.