Ya gotta wonder why!


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Jun 7, 2023
Playing in the mud
This day and age you would think they would use a paint that doesn't bubble and flake off. I know it's just a heat shield and I hate to be nit picky, but it's not easy living with OCD. Come on POLARIS!

Mine too. New one is on order.
Did your dealer replace and confirm the paint issue is fixed? I am just rolling with mine as is for now until we see what the aftermarket comes up with for bumpers, guards, etc for these machines. Hoping Thumper Fab rolls out some cool bumpers soon.
Add me to the victim list. Final QA testing by Polaris would have had to confirm this. A standard feature on a new model that we didn't have to pay extra for. Also, would be nice to know if those of you who had Polaris replace these: Did the new one behave the same way or no?