A Arm Guards?


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Jul 3, 2023
Reno, NV
Anyone have any recommendations? Looking for something with really good coverage as I have lost axle boots to the mighty sage brush many times before....

I know Polaris has theirs but there are already so many aftermarket ones I don't know which to choose!
I have the Polaris guards which are very well constructed, tough/heavy duty and seem to have good coverage. I have not looked at any aftermarket options since I put them on the first week I had the machine.

Anyone getting a new machine should install them before running down a rock road like I did. A arms will get roached pretty quickly without them.
Considering these.....anyone have any experience with them or similar style on another machine? I have always gone with some variety of hdpe for the slickness but these look excellent. Would likely go with powder coated ones.