Accessory install progress.


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Jun 26, 2023
After spending 2 and a half days installing accessories on my Brother’s Xpedition XP 5 I finally got around to installing my own. Another 2 and a half days and I’ve completed what I have of my own accessories. There’s still some on back order such as wide fender flares, Turn signal kit and dome lights, but at least it’s back together and rideable until those show up.


First to go on was the HD bumper and 50” light bar. Mounting those was relatively easy. The part that followed… less so.

Next up was installing Scene lights, wiring the light bar and installing the radio and coms. I had to remove the headliner for running electrical and antenna cables, and tear the dash apart to make a spot for the coms and wire in switches.

All in all, it’s been a fun couple days. It’s always satisfying to see the project completed.

Once it was all back together I ran out to the local truckstop and fueled it up and weighed it.

I expect to have 200-300 more pounds in gear and ice chests once I actually go for a full ride. Right now it’s too blistering hot (116°f). Overall for that quick little jaunt, this machine is seriously impressive with its ride and handling compared to my old general 4.

Next Friday and Saturday we’ll be heading up to ride in the higher elevation where it’s much cooler. We’ll post pictures when that happens. 😊


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These mods look great! I only have a 12'' light bar on the front bumper so I can only image how good that overhead LED bar works! Thank you for sharing the real-world gross weight. It will be interesting to see how much more the ADV5 weights with its enclosed cargo area and extra glass.
Curious about your beadlock wheels and the what is the lug pattern?
They’re 15” Raceline beadlock wheels with a 4 on 156mm lug pattern and 4/3 offset. Originally had them on my General and didn’t want to buy a whole new set of wheels for the Xpedition so we got 5 on 4.5 to 4 on 156 adapters from EZ Accessories to adapt them over. Between the 1” thick spacers and the 4/3 offset it brought our overall width to 72”, which is right where I want it without having to do a long travel kit.