Driver door upper seal

Jul 8, 2023
Perry, MO

Is it supposed to be sticking out past the roof? The passenger side tucks under when the door is closed.
The gaskets are attached to the door with adhesive backing. If the door is lined up the whole way around, it may just be the gasket needs aligned a little better.

When I saw this post I went and took a look at mine and my driver’s door gasket was a little funky. A little manipulation and it’s fine now.

I just had both door panels off this week for sound deadening. Not the doors, just the panels. If the door closes and latches OK, try aligning the gasket first. Just my .02 worth.
Thanks I’ll try adjusting the gasket since the door closes and latches fine. Did you loosen the torx at the top above the window to move it I assume or is it just adhesive?