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Finally went on our first adventure


New member
May 28, 2024
after having the machine since Dec 2023, she finally got to go out into the backwoods this weekend. If you haven't rode in New Hampshire i was worried about the width of the machine regarding all of the gates (with my fender flares and 32 tires). It was pretty smooth sailing with just a bit of rubbing. Now for performance, since having the clutch weights done for the noise, it obviously does loose a bit of rpm's but honestly i was still going about 52 with no problems. This machine is extremely comfortable when it comes to some very rough terrain. Now I am used to my Rocks and Trails and my Pro R as well (completely Different!!!) So with it going through rough, tight trails, bad dust, mud ect; the Xpedition really exceeded my doubts! There was a bit of dust that did come in through the seals but I will be fixing that issue along with adding a boot to the shifter. The next trip is in a few weeks in Maine. This is where we will be using the rooftop tent and camping in the Xpedition. The true test to see exactly if it is the true outdoors machine. Glad I found this forum!