Financing and insurance

Jul 8, 2023
Perry, MO
My wife and I are new to the side by side world. Which insurance companies are good to go through and also what are some good places to finance or should we just go through our bank? With interest rates getting high I thought I’d ask and maybe have more options.
I currently use Geico and it’s been very easy. As far as financing: I recommend using whoever has lowest interest, BUT if everyone is equal then Sheffield gets the nod from me. They are the only one I know of that will let you pay your bill with a credit card without a card fee. That allowed me to pay off my machin with my card, get the 1.5% cash back on the card, then pay off my card each time. That was useful. That’s at least a couple flights worth of points at the end of the day.
I’ve been with progressive for over 20 years but even without any claims or accidents decent credit and excellent driving history, my insurance rates kept going up. I finally went in to a local agent’s office and they ran it through a couple different companies including Progressive.
While the progressive quote through them was lower than what I was getting online, American Modern was less than half with the same coverages. They told me that American Modern specializes in “Toys” like boats, atvs and the like. Can’t say what they’re like with a claim and hope to never find out 😂

For financing, the dealers usually get deals on certain institutions they work directly with. You can ask them what their options are. On my old General we went with Synchrony which is affiliated with Polaris but also at the time they were the best rates. On this Xpedition, the better rate was a local Credit Union that was recommended by the dealer as well. In both situations my own bank was not even worth considering.