Hello, just got our silver XP5


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Mar 2, 2024
Northern Wisconsin
Hi I’m from northern Wisconsin and just picked up my new Xp5 NS in heavy metal a week ago from the dealer. Like it a lot have a AJK 3/4 rack on order for it. We had an 18 degree day here and seems to heat up great was a little concerned after reading some other post. Had the clutch kit put in after my test drive at the dealer seam to tone down the loudness. Want to add some extra lighting As well. I have some rotopax I’m going to install also And pack out boxes. always looking on the net for other ideas.
great site
Welcome to the forum! Those Packout boxes with the AJK adaptor plate sure are sweet in the back of the Xpedition!
Congrats on the new rig! I just picked my XP5 in Army green up on Friday. Throwing a bunch of stuff on it over the next week and I will share with the group soon! 15% ceramic window tint was put on today... :love:
Not hard to spend a bunch more money on these things. I got the ajk rack on now and will Mount the pack out plate this weekend and put the boxes in. Also have a pair of ajk inner fender protectors coming. Was also looking at the ceramic window tint kit. Here’s a picture. Rear door locks are an issue won’t lock.

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Glad your heat works good. I'm in northern Wisconsin as well and below 30 degrees it does not warm up in the cab. Other than that it's a very nice machine. 600 miles in