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Sep 21, 2023
Having difficulty removing fuse box covers after removing center tray in console. I have released/removed the yellow clips on each end. Thanks in advance for your advice.


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Solved... There are four additional black tabs at the bottom / ends of the cover that need to pressed toward center to release the cover. Polaris design included a double/two plastic release clip architecture to insure the cover / lid stays in place. Placement of the fuse box in this area makes it difficult for the casual observer and/or the mechanically challenged to see the securing mechanism for this type of fastener implementation that is intuitively obvious for many. ha
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fyi: 40 amp fuse for constant power on Pulse Bar is located under hood/front cover adjacent to pulse bar. 10 amp fuse for pulse bar key ignition (labeled ACCY PWR 10 AMP) is located in center console area . Lift console tray to gain access to electrical / fuse/ relay components. keyword search: Pulse Bar, fuse, relay, key ignition, constant power, electrical, ground, pig tail, led, light bar, whip light, chase light


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WD Turn signal video wiring. Front dash disassembly. Wire routing. ryco, street legal, turn signals,
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