Insurance nightmare

S P Bar

Jun 20, 2023
Pretty wild… cannot get anyone to insure my xpedition. It cost too much is the reason. They don’t want to insure over $30 K.
I’m in Canada, so it’s way over that. One company will insure for $2101 yearly with options to raise it once the machine is more widely known.
wish I would have known that before I plopped down 60K including tax.
That's unfortunate! Not a problem in the US. I lived in Canada for several years and State Farm was there. They covered my RZR's for years till I changed to Farmer's. Did you try them?
When I purchased my xpedition I contacted Safeco insurance to add it to my existing Polaris Ranger policy. No problem. The very next day I receive a notice that the policy would not be issued and to seek coverage elsewhere because it was too new. Went to Progressive got a policy and great price. Thanks Safeco!
My broker issued mine as well and then reneged. Providers are scared of the price.
I think it will be easier as they become more available. Not too many here in Canuckistan yet.
State Farm started policy over the phone at dealer when I purchased machine. A bit spendier than full coverage for a 2020 f350 4x4 lariat crew cab but no problem getting it covered....
Canada is the kicker here. Things are changing in the Canadian insurance market.
Just left a voice mail with my broker who assured me it would be done Tuesday but I’ve seen nothing yet n
60 K for a paperweight.
Thanks for all the replies…Update . I finally got insurance.
With a perfect record and no claims, ever, I was able to find one company, Nordic Insurance Company of Canada, that will insure it.
But, get ready to pay as it cost $2101 canadian per year.
My dealer, a friend, is a bit worried as well as he wants to sell these things. He is going to talk to his customers who are buying higher end machines and see if he can find a more reasonable insurance provider.
That being said, what’s done is done and paid for a year. Hopefully next year will be someone else and cheaper.
I have to believe that as all atv/utv’s are becoming more expensive that the insurance market will change.
Enough rant. Thanks again for replying.