Loud and have few options?


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Apr 6, 2024
redding ca
The adv is louder than I could have imagined. I have read about sound deafening kits, clutch upgrades, and hmf exhaust.

Willing to do anything that works.

Suggestions or experience?
I did alot of sound deadening from resonix. it helped alot, I have a xp5 and all the pictures on there website are mine. Slighty different machine but with the same products i think you would be very happy

I installed both 394 mil firewall car engine heat sound damping, and inside black car sound deadening material, and 1/2" floor work out mat, bought on Amazon. Took some DIY effort but like the results. I think I spent $125 for all. Posted pics.
I installed the Gillomen clutch kit on my ADV 2 Northstar. The difference is night and day. 1000 to 1500 rpm reduction across the board. I first did the sound deadening and that help a little. If I did the clutch kit first I wouldn't need any sound deadening.
Did you have the new factory kit before you switched to Gilomen?
I did not. The factory kit was just coming out when I got my kit. I just bit the bullet and installed it myself vs transporting it to the dealer, dropping it off, waiting for the install, and then transporting it back home and checking their work.
Just curious how much quieter those are?
A clutch kit can lower the rpm around 1000 rpm. So if you have one go drive it at lets say 5000 rpm then drop down to 4000 rpm and that's what it will sound like.
I insulated everything I could on mine first and threw bigger tires on it. Both helped a little but the Aftermarket Assassinc cruiser clutch kit helped the most. I used to maximum amount of weight on the arms to lower the rpms as much as possible. It's geared so low I don't notice any loss of power.