Michigan new owner


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Apr 22, 2024
SE Michigan
Hey all! Rocked an off road-purposed Hummer for the last 15years, beat the crap out of it, but parts are getting hard to find…so sold it all and went to an Xpedition Adv5 Northstar. So far I love it! Hit sand dunes in St. Helen, MI area a few weeks back and a bead let loose, not cool with no spare included. Found a guy, problem solved, spare ordered. Thinking about going to 33” tires now after she got swamped last week in a hole deeper than I thought… winch fixed that problem, but still.
Welcome , looks like you were having some fun! Did you get any water in unwanted places? Spare is a good idea, I still have to get one. I carry a patch kit and compressor. But once it’s off the bead your SOl. Still adding stuff to mine every weekend.
For a short time while winching out of that hole I had limited power, vehicle emailed me immediately with a Speed Sensor malfunction. Once it was out I let it run for a while to dry out, then shut it off for 10 minutes…tested out fine, blasted back thru the hole on the side instead of centered, no issues after that. Sub woofer was half submerged, but still sound great. Rear floors needed a good hosing out, but everything seems to be fine!
Add a strong ratchet strap, that and an air compressor ( I carry a scuba tank, 3500 lbs of air) fixed the bead problem. Winch lifted the front wheels off the ground to a tree, ratchet strap around tire will spread the bead to the edges. I’ve added a Jack to my kit