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Apr 8, 2024
Thanks for the welcome.

Not much to tell here , been a polaris owner of different vehicles for quite a few years.
Thought we would try a Xpedition.
Only got two issues , so far in 3 days owning it.
Noisy and in the rain yesterday , the bottom of windshield on passenger side.
Let's just say , it needs a large handkerchief or microfiber , so the wife didn't get soaked .
Did I mention that it is way Noisy
Howdy, and welcome to the forum!

For the Polaris tipout windshield, there is a little adjustment you can do if needed. There’s a small set screw in the end of the windshield hinge that will need loosened (3mm Allen wrench), and then you can rotate the hinge bushing with a 10mm Allen wrench to move the windshield toward the frame. Ball end Allen wrenches work best or you might need to loosen the roof to get 10mm flat end allen wrench in.
There’s also a little adjustment range on the dash mounted part of the windshield latch. Just loosen the 3 bolts and slide it back slightly.
JTBarlow :
Will the hinge adjustment work to tighten the bottom rounded corner of the windshield ??
A little. Depends how much slide room the bottom latch has. Just pull 1 bolt and you should be able to see. You don’t want too much pressure on the latch but a slight amount of pull to latch the windshield is fine
Also check side to side fitment. There may be some room on the top hinges to slide it further towards the leaking area.
Mine leaks at both lower corners. I can’t see where an adjustment would fix this? The hinge adjustment, from what I understand is for the upper part of the windshield, and even when I push in on the corners, it doesn’t seem to take up the slack, it’s almost like the curve of the windshield doesn’t fit the curve of the opening. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Both my son and I had the same issue on the bottom corner of the window. There is a large transition between the lower plastic and the seal on the side of the window. I had about a 1/4" difference and my son had about a 3/8" difference. The problem is that the rubber seal on the windshield cannot bridge the gap and provide a water tight seal. Our solution was to cut a piece of EVA foam to fill the gap and then to sand/cut the end to make a smooth transition to the window. We used a little silicone to keep it in place. No more leaks for either one of us.


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