Reverse and Brake Signal

In all my fiddling around under the dash I haven’t seen anything for that. All connections for brake lights I’ve seen are at the rear of the machine and has a kit for reverse lights that uses the diagnostic connector for the reverse signal.
On my General I had to wire a relay into 2 pins on the ECU. Worked great and had no issues. I’m sure somewhere there is pin outs identified for the Xpedition. You need special pins that match the plug also.
I used this harness for my reverse light. I didn't buy their light, used my chase bar.
SAMS Backup. You can check out the manual, it pulls its signals from the diagnostic connector. Works like a charm so far..

Now, looking up I see JTBarlow's response... What he said. lol
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Just in case someone wants to order Sam’s Backup here’s what to do. The website says sold out but I emailed them and was told they had too many complaints that no light was supplied. It does say it includes light. I prefer to add my own light anyway so I ordered it.