SoDak Xpedition owner!


New member
Jun 24, 2024
South Dakota
New to the forum from South Dakota! Just traded in my 2017 General for a new Xpedition XP Ultimate! So far, super impressed! Looking forward to all the info you guys have to offer on these new models! Was a Polaris mechanic/parts manager from 2012-2019 so not new to the basics but new to these vehicles! Got a windshield and rear panel in it and so far the plans are to keep everything stock besides maybe some seat risers, sound deadening material all over to quiet it down, and a HD front bumper as we operate a cattle farm and know how things go.
Welcome to the group! We took the RZR to SD Black Hills around the Nemo area in 2021, would like to bring the Xpedition up for another trip. I AM one of the yearly 2 wheel visitors of Sturgis in August LoL.