Took it back to the dealership to be fixed:( 50 miles and she died!!!


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Oct 1, 2023
Boise Idaho
Just bought this machine last week. First ride was awesome super smooth and comfortable, felt like I was driving my truck super Impressed did a 30 mile ride. Could not wait for this weekend to go out again. 15 miles into the ride just crested a climb got out to chat with my buddy left it running and it died, no codes nothing just quit running, started it back up and she was running kinda rough but it started! Shut it back down we were taking a break for 10 minutes or so. Getting ready to leave she would not start back up? Waited another 20 to 30 minutes it fires up. Head back down the trail hoping to get back to our trucks. Well that did not happen!! Died again this time for good. Check engine light came on throwing codes ( P2303: Ignition coil primary Driver 2 (PTO) P2300: Ignition Coil Primary Driver 1 (MAG). Contact Your Dealer. Dropping it off at dealership today. I think it is the fuel pump? Very discouraged with my purchase! Has anyone had this issue?
Turns out it was the wiring harness! Which are back ordered till next March. The wire from the coil pack to the harness was not properly seated or clipped into the harness, so essentially the wire from the coil packs to the harness was loosing proper voltage to the coil packs, They ran a jumper from the wire so that I can use it till the wiring harness is available.Took it on a 40 mile ride today with no problems! Guess this one slipped through quality control!!