Xpedition Backup Lights


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Nov 12, 2023
Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know about Sam's Backup Lights. They've got kits for Xpeditions, but still working some kinks out. They are great to send whatever parts you need though so you can mount it however you want. The light automatically comes on in reverse, or can be manually turned on by holding the brake pedal while in neutral. No holes to drill, switches to mount, or wiring to butcher. Custom service is fantastic. I'd highly recommend them!


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I think they are having trouble coming up with a light/bracket combination. The light they sent me wasn't the one that was in the instructions. I reached out to them and they told me they wasn't happy with the original light/mount. I built my own mount to use the light they sent. It required different wire routing than the instructions showed. They were great to deal with and sent me all the extension harnesses and terminals that I needed. They offered to send me different lights to try as well, but I liked the first one they sent. As far as the function of the controller and working with the Xpedition, they have that nailed. It works exactly as designed.

I personally think that with the Xpedition being such a new machine, they haven't had the time or availability to come up with the bracket/light combination to package together to be sold to the general public. If you're crafty enough to think outside the box, adapt your own mount, and route wiring without instructions, these people have a great product and they are more than willing to help wherever they can.