Roof Front Vibrates on Trailer


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May 19, 2024
Southeast NM
Just brought it home few days ago. The front 3 or so inches of the roof was vibrating in the wind while I pulled it home, doesn’t look good 👎🏻 . Trailer is level . Any thoughts on this?


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Same here. Don’t love it but haven’t seemed to have had any issues from it either.
I am afraid mine will end up breaking off on our long trips from TX to CO. I think I am going to put a ratchet strap on mine from front to back and see if that helps
I had the same concerns.
I added a 1/8"x 3/4" x 26" long aluminum flat bar pop riveted to the underside of the leading edge to strengthen it.
This has helped quite a bit.
I have trailered my ADV2 from Yuma, AZ to Idaho, Utah and many other locations with no problems .
Here’s what I did, just drilled down through the roof into the sheet metal above the windshield. Made a couple bushings and ran a bolt thru it. Way solid now, just gotta paint bolts and washers.


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I am going to add your fix to give more support to my aluminum flat bar install as noted in my post above...

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